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Echos. The Music and the Venues


8 Concerts

from July 24 to September 12


Live concerts

and streaming video Concerts


Great music

in the Artistic Venues in the province of Alessandria


Echos. Venues and Music

International Music Festival XII Edition


September live concerts

Streaming concerts

As part of the 22nd edition of the Echos Festival, videos of two concerts and the venues that will host them were made. Here is a brief preview.
The full videos will be streamed on the Festival’s social channels on 4th and 12th September 2020.

Echos. Venues and Music

Music in Churches, Theatres, Castles and much more

The Echos Venues

We like to think of the Echos Festival as a kind of gateway to beauty and enchantment. Thanks to the art, talent and endless work of many extraordinary musicians coming from all over the world, you can experience the beauty of music in particular. At the same time, you can experience the beauty of the venues, and of the rich artistic, cultural and landscape heritage of the province of Alessandria, Italy.
A catalogue full of art and beauty to remember (and remind us) just how rich this part of Piedmont is, and how it deserves to become better known and appreciated.