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Happy birthday Ludwig!

In 2020 the world of music celebrates ​​the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven. We too want to pay homage to one of humanity’s most extraordinary geniuses.
Beethoven’s music was ever missing in Echos concerts, only in recent years, we remember two important cycles: the Complete piano Sonata performed by Olaf John Laneri and the 10 Sonatas for violin and piano played in less than 24 hours by the violinist Francesco Manara and the pianist Claudio Voghera (2018).
This year Echos dedicates an entire cycle to Beethoven, a sort of festival in the festival that will deepen different aspects of its production: the complete cello and piano Sonatas (in two consecutive concerts), the Concerts for solo instrument and orchestra, the String quartets and an original summary of the Piano Sonatas entitled “Favorite Beethoven” in which the Echos audience will be the protagonist.
Thanks to the availability of Maestro Laneri we choose the program of this concert with a survey carried out through our social channels, the fourth Sonata of the program will be identified on the occasion of the first concerts of this edition.
Echos 2020 will be the opportunity to make a wonderful journey through some of the masterpieces of this extraordinary man.
We also decided to contribute to the restoration of a beautiful plaster bust made by Leonardo Bistolfi, now preserved in the Civic Museum of Casale Monferrato.
Happy birthday Ludwig !!

“Beethoven 250”

10 May Casale Monferrato: Duo des Alpes
10 May  Casale Monferrato: Duo des Alpes
22 May  Casale Monferrato: Guido D’Arezzo Orchestra / Mussakhayajeva / Wang /  
30 May Rivalta Scrivia: Borromeo String Quartet
6 June Sale: Olaf John Laneri

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.”

Ludwig van Beethoven